Team is composed from world wide members who dedicate each creation with having philosophy.
We are looking for new member who is open minded and has a passion.
And don't care about background, portfolio, national, origin, gender or religion.
Plz contact us casually.


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Shogo Noze

Musician/Composer/Producers/Creative director.
He start music career from 2016 and move to Australia from 2017.
After moving back from Australia at 2018, he started to work a freelance musician with working in design studio in Tokyo.
In 2019, as raising the number of his personal working project with advertisement agency and entertainment companies, he established his own company which create music, movies and design.
He love to make sound and visual art based on sophisticated stories.


Hiromasa Sasaki

1973 Studied in Minnesota Program (High School)
1980 Graduation from Sophia University, Department of Comparative Culture, started to take a fashion photo learning in FIT in NY.
1987 He debut in French version ELLE.
And now he is mainly based in NY, Paris and Tokyo as a photographer and art director.
Cover photo contract : Marie Claire(UK), CONDE NAST(US)
2004 Casa Vogue(Italia)
2008 Flowers / Daniel Ost
2013 Elegant People
2016 Tokyo Punk w / Kamo Head Punk
2017 French Actor's Studio,Vogue Japan
2019 Tokyo Magazine / Tokyo Metropolitan Government


Justice Edward

Born in Tokyo and move to Canada when He was high school student.
After moving back to Japan, He entered to film school and now He is doing model, acting, scenario writing and compose music.
He dedicate physical training through parkour and workouts for making his life better than before.


Shotaro Kondo

Born on 1994 at Nagoya city.
After graduating from high school, he went to NY and started as career of a singer connecting with various kinds of people who cultivate their own life and have each unique background.
While he accumulate his music career, started to make videography which try to make people open-minded and encouraged.
He hope to make new society which has diversity that is never obsessed with old thinking.
And now he still works throughout world-wide.


ryohei obayashi

Web engineer working in Tokyo and Nagoya
He specializes in various interactive codes such as website animation and live coding.

ryohei obayashi web site



Born in Nagoya 1999
Fell in love with the beauty of filming during studying abroad in Canada.
After a year, starts to work as a freelance videographer.
Work mainly on apparel PV, MV, and event videos.